Doctor in Social Impact / Technology Innovation / Business Development/ Public Speaker / Accounting Professor-Researcher

    In 1991 working for The Taco Maker, Inc. as a Director of Operations, for the Caribbean Offices, created the “Umbrella Program” to group the franchisees as a committee and the Corporate Officials. Recaptured more than $85,000.00 of royalties and marketing payments due, posted on the books as uncollectible. On 1991 signed a Contract Agreement with Matosantos, Inc. one of the major food service supplier. With this movement, I reduced the buying costs gaining at the same time more bargaining power, as well. The company gained a 12% on overall savings for the first time since the Company started business operations in PR. In 1992- stated an “in store local advertising program” to help the TTM brand, sales were dramatically increased with over a 20% against the year before. In addition, designed the procedures to establish the maximum and minimum balance of inventory. With this system, the Company solved the “run out of products” suffered for years. Also, planned, developed, and introduced a series of seminars of Human Relations and Customer Services based on the principles of Dale Carnegie Training Institute, where I trained. We reached 600 employees approximately of 54 restaurants. Due to the success, I was requested to address the same seminar for the people of the Corporation, at Ogden, Utah. On July 1992 as an Operational Manager, for Burger King I gave talks to 490 management employees around the State, plus 18 Districts Managers and the Vice president of operations and the people of the Training Center. In 1993, I became the District Manager, for the Arecibo city restaurants with serious problems, as high turnover index, low profits due to high controllable costs and poor overall operations. It was a real challenge. Then identified the key problems behind this serious situation. Therefore, I met with each of the managers, made the necessary adjustments, hired the right personnel, re-trained the people, and get in control of the controllable expenses. In three, months, the District got stable and improved net profits up to 29%; turnover was reduced (with more focus and motivated personnel), and sales start increasing due to the improvement made on service, quality and cleanliness of each of the restaurants operations received a Quality Assurance Inspection Evaluation of 98% and a 102% (the highest received Nation Wide). In 1993, represented the Corporation in the First Annual Caribbean Emergency Management Conference, at Caribe Hilton. I did prepare the Contingency Plan for the whole Company and was copied by the parents companies, Church’s Rest, and Ponderosa. In 1994, received recognition for getting the Nationwide Mysterious Shopper Contest Award. In 1996 as a VP of Ops of CC & Associates, I prepared a complete Franchise Development Plan for one of our customers, Puerto Rico Subs Restaurants, Corp. and negotiated their Area Development Agreement with the Miami Subs & Grill, Corporate, at Jacksonville, Florida. The undersigned negotiated a 504 SBA Loan for $3.4 million for the development of the project of MSG in Puerto Rico against all odds. In 1997, the candidate created the “Torpedo”, hamburger meat with two sandwich buns for just $1.99 combo. With this new item, the Corporate solved the problem confronted nationwide. Was Real Success! In the second year, the first MSG restaurant accomplished sales of 30% over the first year budget. This restaurant emerged as the 3rd restaurant on high sales Nation Wide. In 1998, received recognition from MSG Corporate when purchasing strategies reduced the food cost from a 34% to 31%. In 2001 and 2005, received an invitation from the Governor of PR, to assist the Secretary of the State Health Department in a joint venture to establish for the 26,000 establishments an assertive plan of recommendation to heed the food borne issue in Puerto Rico. In 2006 through 2009, the candidate developed and managed the New Coachman Steak House Restaurants. Currently working as a professor for Ana G. Mendez University Miami Campus.