Advocacy for Business Excellence in West Palm Beach, Florida

Welcome to the advocacy platform of the Florida Hispanic American Chamber of Commerce for Palm Beach & Broward Counties. We are committed to championing the interests of businesses in West Palm Beach, Florida, and fostering an environment conducive to business excellence, growth, and prosperity. Our advocacy efforts are driven by the belief that a thriving business community contributes significantly to the overall well-being of the region.

At the FHACC Advocacy Hub, we prioritize the needs of our diverse membership, including both Hispanic and Non-Hispanic businesses. Through strategic partnerships and collaborative initiatives, we work to address challenges, promote opportunities, and advocate for policies that support a vibrant and inclusive business ecosystem in West Palm Beach.

As your chamber of commerce in West Palm Beach, we are committed to being a strong voice for your business. The FHACC Advocacy Hub is here to represent your interests, provide resources, and create an environment where businesses can thrive and contribute to the prosperity of West Palm Beach, Florida. Join us in shaping a future where advocacy leads to excellence.

FHA Chamber Advocacy: Strengthening Businesses in Miami, Florida

Tu Voto Cuenta/Your Vote Does Count!

HISPAC is actively working to register more voters in Florida. Call us to sign up as a HISPAC community leader in Palm Beach County. To learn more about HISPAC please visit

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