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Hispanic Advertising

There is a population explosion occurring in South Florida.  The Hispanic population is virtually doubling every ten years.  It is projected that by the year 2025, Hispanics will have become the largest ethnic group in South Florida; comprising more than 25% of the population of Martin, St. Lucie, Indian River, Okeechobee, Palm Beach, Lee and Collier Counties.  You can reap the benefits of this market and Radio Fiesta/La Ley can help.

Let us introduce you to Radio Fiesta/La Ley – a network of Spanish-language stations serving the Hispanic community in South Florida.  No other radio or television company, no newspaper or magazine throughout this region is specializing in this unique group of Hispanics.  At Radio Fiesta/La Ley, we have been professionally targeting this segment since 1990; Radio Fiesta/La Ley has the experience to help your business tap into this lucrative market.

In 1990, we began developing a tremendously loyal listening audience with programming that was absolutely targeted at the Latin American community.  By carefully blending selected music from Mexican and Central American artists, programming lifestyle elements that address Hispanic issues, utilizing on-air personalities from Mexico with local and international news—Radio Fiesta/La Ley became the radio station for Hispanics living and working in South Florida.  Radio Fiesta/La Ley has become an integral part of their everyday lifestyle just in the same way the 6 o’clock news has become a part of the Anglo’s routine.

Radio Fiesta/La Ley has hundreds of advertisers with traditionally Anglo-oriented business that are successfully attracting significant numbers of Hispanic customers to their door and significant dollars to their bottom-line.  Your advertising message on Radio Fiesta/La Ley will be professionally written and produced by Hispanics who know and understand the marketing for this focus group.  Shaping your business to become more “Latin-friendly” is not free and it does not come without effort, but the financial rewards are real and the possibilities are genuine.

Call today to find out how your business can reach the Hispanic population.

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