Dedicated Senior Medical Center

4998 10th Ave North, Greenacres, FL 33463
Dedicated Senior Medical Center
Listing Category : Medical
Name : Johana Jimenez
Phone : 561-5926332
Opening Hours
  • Monday :Closed
  • Tuesday :Closed
  • Wednesday :Closed
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  • Saturday :Closed
  • Sunday :Closed

At Dedicated Senior Medical Center, our PCPs are the captains of your healthcare  team. They will see you once a month and oversee all  aspects of your healthcare needs, whether you are sick or well. Your PCP will monitor your health and medications, order your on-site tests and screenings and coordinate your care with all of your specialists. They’ll keep all of your doctors informed and on the same page, so you don’t have to. By coordinating all aspects of your healthcare, they can keep you in the best possible health. We honor seniors with affordable VIP service that delivers better health!

Dedicated Senior Medical Center offers a variety of medical specialties and works with trusted, preferred specialists for our patients' care. These preferred specialists, both on-site and in the community, work side-by-side with our primary care physicians to care for each patient individually. For patients requiring off-site care from a trusted specialist, Dedicated Senior Medical Center staff will coordinate the entire referral process.

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