I was born Monterrey Mexico while my parents where international students from Nicaragua. They returned to their native country when I was only two years old. There I attended elementary and High School at Colegio Teresiano Catholic School where I graduated in 1979 at the age of sixteen, while working at my parents business. At that time for political reasons my parents decided to migrate out of the country, selecting the United States of America as the best option for their family, therefore I started to take English classes to prepare for the move. In 1981 we came to West Palm Beach, Florida. After a year of helping my parents to settle economically, they were willing to help me to continue my education. In 1982 I enrolled at Palm Beach Junior College and obtain my AA degree in 1984 in interior design. After that went to Florida International University where I received my Bachelor’s degree. At the same time I married my best friend Juan J. Rubio who is now my husband of 22 years. Immediately, I started working on that field and continue for the next 11 years, for Brown and Beres Designs who had contracts with builders like Ecclestone, Sabatello, Burke and Divosta, Engle Homes and many more. There, I did not only applied my knowledge but most importantly learn the business aspects of real life by organizing, filing, scheduling, ordering and dealing directly demanding clients. In 1990 when my husband purchased our second and later a third Don Ramon Restaurant, we decide that it was time for me to help supervise the business in a full time bases. Since them I have been managing, cooking, cleaning and whatever has been necessary to make it work. Many of the skills to run it, I had to learn from scratch. But it was not until later when I met Santos Arroyo and joined the Puerto Rican Hispanic Chamber of Commerce that I learned the importance in getting involved in the community. Since then I have become a member of the Puerto Rican Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Lake Worth Chamber, SouthEnd Neighborhood Association and also the SouthEnd Business Association. I have also served as a volunteer to RELEVO Por La Vida from the American Cancer Society for two years, HACER and ASPIRA. Belonging to this wonderful organizations not only help our business, but most importantly gives me the satisfaction of being a part of our community, and keeps me constantly growing as a person.