Francisco Colon who was born in Paterson New Jersey after moving to Puerto Rico for a couple of years and perfecting his Spanish he went back to New Jersey and after high school where he graduated with the diploma in Electronic Equipment repair.

Continuing his trend in communications field he views the United States army as a signal soldier in two fields of study as the circuit switch controller and then as a MSE Network Switch Engineer. Serving 10 years in United States army three years in what was then West Germany during Cold the Cold War period and serving as support in the desert shield/Desert storm Iraq war. After the war he was discharged from the military voluntarily with honors any immediately began working as an instructor to the military teaching Communications Equipment to soldier in various military installations.

After a couple of years, he began working as a wireless network designed engineer, mostly in Latin America and moving from Engineering to Software sales director traveling into the Latin American region whereas he learn to speak Portuguese and to better understand the people of Latin America. During this period, he self-taught to video capture and video editing as well as photography and visual editing which he now makes as he sources of business.

He has lived in South Florida since 1992 in the Lake Worth area.