Shamus Perez is a 2nd generation Puerto Rican/American whose grandparents migrated from various municipalities in Puerto Rico, including Arecibo. Born in Buffalo, New York, Shamus grew up in a proud Puerto Rican family alongside many other Puerto Rican families who had migrated west of New York City to establish residence primarily in the west side of Buffalo. Growing up with 1st generation Puerto Rican/American parents, who faced the many struggles 1st generation migrants face, Shamus was determined to become the first in the family to graduate college. This determination, led Shamus to graduate on a PTK Honors Society academic scholarship with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Florida Atlantic University. As a resident of Palm Beach County, Shamus is a volunteer at food pantries across the county and an experienced financial advisor having worked in the industry since he was a teenager. On his free time, Shamus is an adamant kite surfer and can be found surfing the beaches of South Florida. As an ambassador for the Puerto Rican Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, he is determined to preserve the Taino culture and traditions of the island as well as promote Hispanic involvement and goodwill in the community.